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How To Prepare To Move Like A Pro

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Before you actually move, you are going to need to do a checklist (literally) of items before the move actually happens. If you want to move like a pro, here’s how you can do it.

Things to plan BEFORE you move

Once you are under contract, there is a ton of planning that needs to be hashed out if you want to have a smooth move.

  1. Decide if you want to hire movers or if you are planning on physically moving all of your stuff yourself. This will help you determine how much time you need to plan to actually move. A good rule of thumb is to plan an extra day or two of moving than you think.

  2. Next, plan how you’re going to move if you aren’t hiring movers. Decide if you need a moving truck, a storage unit, etc. To be safe, it’s best to plan an extra day for a moving truck just in case things take longer than expected. (Hint, they always do)

  3. While you are packing and moving, its nice to have a plan for babysitters or pet sitters if you have kids or pets. Having help watching kids or pets can speed up the moving process quite a bit.

  4. Once your stuff is completely moved out, more likely than not you will need to clean. Refer to your real estate contract for details on what you need to clean before you are moved out. A good option is to hire a cleaning crew to clean up for you. Either way, you’ll need to plan plenty of time to clean.

  5. Now that you know how long it will take to move, you’ll need to factor in this timeline with a full work day or not. If you want to speed things up, taking time off work is a great thing to consider.

  6. Lastly, if you are packing up your stuff yourself you’ll need to buy packing supplies. The essentials include boxes, packing tape, labels or markers, bubble wrap, and packing blankets. Other items that are nice to have are dollies for easy moving of heavy items and plastic wrap for all of your delicate furniture.

Who to hire for the big move

  1. If you are planning on hiring movers, getting a few quotes is always a good idea. Make sure you know what is all included in your quote so you’re not surprised when you thought packing was included but it’s not.

  2. If you are moving your things yourself, you’ll need to decide if you are hiring a moving truck or a storage unit or not. If you have a small space and a truck you most likely won’t. But, if you have a 4-bedroom home that is in a different state, you’ll need to rent a moving truck.

  3. If there is a lapse of time between your move out and your move in date, renting a hotel or planning on where you need to stay is next. Even if your dates don’t overlap, it is nice to stay somewhere that has toilet paper and towels already ready for you.

  4. If you are hiring cleaners for your old or your new place, get a few quotes and again make sure you know what is included in your quote.

Things to transfer to your new address

Now that you are a master planner and are all set for your move, it’s time to start forwarding and changing your old address to your new address. I promise you will thank yourself later for this one.

  1. Forward your address with USPS. This is simple and can be done online.

  2. Turn off all utilities at your old address and turn on all utilities at your new address.

  3. Transfer your internet service

  4. Update your address at the bank and with your credit card accounts

  5. Notify your health insurance and your employer of your new address

  6. Frequent online shopping accounts like Amazon

Of course, this is a hefty list of items that not every move will require the need to do all of this, but it’s great to plan for things you didn’t think of before. Plus, it always feels great to be a moving PRO.


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