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What Not To Do When Buying a Home

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It is so exciting shopping for a new home! Here are some tricks of the trade that will help you know what not to do.

Don’t Make Big Purchases

It is very tempting to open a credit account with your local furniture store and start decorating for your new house. But, is this the best idea? It is extremely important that you don’t make any big purchases while you are under contract. This can jeopardize your credit score, loan approval, and even being able to close on your home. So, don’t go buying speed boats, fancy cars, or luxurious furniture until after you close.

Don’t Get a New Job

Once you are pre-approved and under contract, don’t go changing your job without notifying your loan officer first. Any sudden income changes or inconsistencies can hurt your chances in closing. As soon as you close on your home, then you can start the job hunt.

Don’t Switch Banks

When you are getting pre-approved and hand in bank statements with your current balances, you are showing that is the only bank accounts that you have. So, don’t go opening new accounts, moving money around, or transferring large deposits. Yet another thing that can keep you from closing on your dream home.

Don’t Ignore Your Processor

After you go under contract, your file will be submitted to processing where you will meet your new best friend. Your processor will ask for additional documentations, so it is important to give them everything that they need ASAP so you can close on time. If you ignore them or don’t give them everything required, the chances of you closing will drift away.

Bottom line, we want to make things as smooth as hot butter on fresh pancakes. Following these few rules are going to give you the best experience possible while buying a home.


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