First Time Home Buyer

It’s important to know the differences in property types because it makes an impact on your loan type and type of home owner’s insurance you need. Let’s review them now.

So, you just bought a house? Maybe you are on a new journey of discovering your finances and need help of where to start? One of our main goals here is to get you into a home (aka debt), b

Before you actually move, you are going to need to do a checklist (literally) of items before the move actually happens. If you want to move like a pro, here’s how you can do it.

Qualifying for a home is a term we in the biz use for what you can afford to pay. This can be a bit overwhelming so let’s break it down in bite sized pieces.

Ever wondered what everyone is talking about when they say, “Interest rates are low, now is the best time to refinance!”. What does this mean?

The process of buying your first home can be overwhelming! Where do I start? Who do I talk to? How are people affording new homes? What is escrow?! We hear you. And we are here to help!